Ticket to Ride

We purchased a new board game recently from Thought Hammer.

Board games are a favorite family activity around our home. I had ordered Ticket to Ride and it had arrived during this past week. We set aside some family game time for this Sunday evening.

What a fun and simple game. My wife and I had the same reaction when we examined the box and it’s contents. The materials are first-rate. The box itself is sturdy and the little game cards and colorful train player pieces are attractive. The game was easy for all of us to understand and play at once.

One of the things I loved about the game is that you play on a board of the United States and Canada with significant cities marked on the board. Not many cities, but enough that I knew we would all get a neat geography experience along the way. Some of the cities appear to be slightly off position however, but the general directions are great. An objective of the game is that each player is trying to build routes between cities that are secretly known only to themselves. Once the game gets rolling 🙂 you can see strategies beginning to develop. I liked the idea that there are no dice, so every turn each player decides what they want to do next. Sometimes a decision you made early in the game can be difficult to complete later.

Game-play lasted about an hour. It was fun for the family as we sat around the coffee table and played together. I just wanted to share that this was a simple and entertaining game for the family to play.

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