Carcassonne at the Hospital

Melissa has had some pretty severe gastrointestinal problems in the past and last Thursday evening we had to pay a visit to the Emergency Room.  She was admitted to the hospital later that same evening and I’ve been staying with her everyday until things gets resolved.

We took a break last evening and went for a stroll from her hospital room and walked down to the lounge area for visitors on the same floor.  It’s a nice area, with a large fish tank and some shelves with books.  We spotted a really nice round wooden table with chairs.  Both of us thought the same thing: “Hey, we could play a board game there.”

So today we had our teenager, Nicholas, before he came to the hospital to visit, bring our copy of Carcassonne with him from home.  And we played a game this evening in the lounge.  Melissa took a panorama photograph during the game.



You can see the fish tank back behind my left shoulder.  That’s her “IV pole” on the right.  It was a pleasant break and we enjoyed playing a competitive but relaxing game before going back to her room.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that of course she won.  She always does.  It’s her favorite game.  Or one of them.  Final score was 143 to 67.  It was still fun for me even though I lost by more than half the points.

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