Where to buy these games?

I get asked, often after introducing people to some of these more modern “Euro-Game” board game designs, where one goes to purchase? I have a couple of thoughts about this question.

Supporting your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) is always the better choice. Sure you generally pay full retail price, but you are supporting the hobby and your local merchants. I look first for board game shops, and if that doesn’t work, often hobby comic book shops carry these games too.

But here’s the really amazing news. The “classic” Euro Games are showing up in places like Target. I’ve seen “Ticket To Ride”, “Settlers of Catan”, “Pandemic”, “Zooloretto” and many others in the games section. Target even has a special variant of “Settlers of Catan” which was themed for Star Trek called “Star Trek Catan”. I think that version was unique to Target stores for the first year but may now be appearing in other hobby game shops. Another great place to look is your local Barnes & Noble book store. They now have a section for these modern games. I have noticed that the selection seems to vary by store. The interesting thing I remember reading was how successful this new product line has turned out to be for B&N. They dropped the DVD and CD section of the store and replaced it with board games. If you think about it, I think that’s even a more natural fit for a book shop.

Lastly the Internet is the place to look if you seek a game not carried in your local stores. My favorite online shop Thought Hammer unfortunately closed down this past year. But there are many reputable online shops, and several that I have done business with. And of course there’s always Amazon and Ebay.

Here is a list of my favorite online board game shops (no preference to order entry here):





I’m sure I’ll remember a few other popular ones after this post goes up…

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