A New Look

A World Without String is now a WordPress based site.  I’m moving content over carefully from my old site.  When everything is ready I’ll redirect the domain to send visitors here instead.

Here’s hoping you enjoy visiting this site and that it remains a useful resource and entertaining place to read about the board games I review and write about.

Unfortunately, any comments included on the old site were lost when everything was converted.  This Blog used to be hosted on Apple’s MobileMe services, and when they shut that down and asked all their customers to move to iCloud, I had to find a new host because Apple was no longer going to host web sites.  Since I already have several web sites hosted with Lunar Pages, and they provide plenty of space included in the basic package, it was a simple choice to re-host using my existing service provider.  I’ve had success using WordPress for another Blog and wanted to try it out for a heavier-weight Blog like this one, and well, here we are.

The game reviews are all listed in alphabetic order off to the side for easy direct accessing. As I create new board game reviews I will add an entry here in this general section and a link to the new review page as it comes available.

That picture above is from the really awesome game Letters From Whitehapel.  It’s one of the excellent new games that have arrived in our home in the past 12 months.  I hope to get started on several game reviews soon.

In the mean time, please leave a comment if you find a broken link.

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