Board games played in the first half of 2012

I gathered some board game play statistics.  This is a summary of every board game I have played so far this year.  All games counted here are face-to-face in-person board games at a table.  I play games on my iPad and iPhone too, but those are not counted here. Also, the games included here are only ones that I own.

The results are ranked with the most often played games first. Here they are:

Nuns on the Run Core Worlds Eclipse Escalation!
Played: 12 Played: 9 Played: 9 Played: 7

7 Wonders Carcassonne Elder Sign Letters from Whitechapel
Played: 5 Played: 4 Played: 4 Played: 4

Lords of Waterdeep Oceania Race for the Galaxy Rune Age
Played: 3 Played: 3 Played: 3 Played: 3

Deadwood Panic Station Ticket to Ride Black Friday
Played: 2 Played: 2 Played: 2 Played: 1

Caylus Forbidden Island Mow Mr. Jack
Played: 1 Played: 1 Played: 1 Played: 1

Mr. Jack Pocket Mystery of the Abbey Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League StarCraft: The Board Game
Played: 1 Played: 1 Played: 1 Played: 1

Starfarers of Catan Twilight Imperium Played: third edition Warrior Knights
Played: 1 Played: 1 Played: 1

There are a few games that jump out of the table.

Nuns on the Run is very popular with our family right now.  Its a deduction game, or maybe better classified as a “Hide N Go Seek” game.  It scales really well up to 8 players.  This is another one of those games where after finishing a game people often ask if they can play it again.  The rules are easy to explain and the game play can get really tense.  This is definitely on my short list of games needing a review.

Core Worlds is a deck-building game like the very popular game Dominion.  It’s a science fiction themed game and it’s quite interesting.  It has a lot of plays so far this year because of how new it is and folks being interested in another “take” on the deck-building game design.  I like it quite a bit.

Eclipse is another one of the gems that came out at the end of 2011.  It’s easily one of the best games released last year.  The first printing sold out rapidly.  The second printing which came out just this June is already sold out at most of the on-line game stores.  I’ve seen 1 copy recently on the shelf at a local game shop.  The game is a great science fiction themed game with a heavy economic feel to it.  I think the design and presentation are an outstanding example.  It’s not a lightweight game but it is a lot of fun.  This game is going to remain popular for a while.  Again, I need to write a real review about the game.

I just read that Eclipse is the winner of the Dice Tower “Best Game of 2011” award.  A well deserved award.

7 Wonders is a great game that has also seen a lot of table play in our home.  It’s very easy to learn and plays very quickly.  The game also scales nicely up to 7 players.  This game won the award for best German strategy game in 2011.

There are 2 other games that have been well received in our home that are in the list.  Letters from Whitechapel is a deduction game that is quite fascinating, and as I’ve already mentioned here, I need to write a review about this one too.  My wife says I’m too good at these kinds of deduction games and told me recently she wants to play it once where I only watch.  What?!!

The other very cool new game is Panic Station.  Panic Station can best described as a board game version of John Carpenter’s The Thing.  This is a sami-cooperative game where all the humans are trying to eliminate the alien nest from the base.  The trick is, that somewhere by the end of the 2nd turn, one of the human players secretly becomes infected by the alien horde and begins to work to infect everyone else in the game.  It’s a deduction game too, although classifying it as a paranoia game would probably be even better.  Very early in the game the players begin to realize they don’t know who they can trust.  And if a player makes a mistake and manages to get infected by the “host”, they then also secretly join forces against the remaining humans.  Always a blast to play and often requested.

Lastly I want to mention Lords of Waterdeep.  It’s a “worker placement” game that is easy to learn and player turns are incredibly light and quick.  We have just started playing this game in our family and it’s been very well received.

3 thoughts on “Board games played in the first half of 2012

  1. I believe an important element is left out here: How many times your hot wife won these games. Muuahahahaha! I love you, honey!

  2. Great list. Some new ones for me to check out. I still haven’t played Eclipse. Maybe I should make that next on my list. There are lots of next-on-my-lists. o_0

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