When we play board games, the cats like to watch

Recently we were playing the board game Letters From Whitechapel and I played the role of Jack.  The game is an excellent deduction game where one player takes on the role of the infamous Jack The Ripper and the other players are the detectives trying to catch him before he gets back to his hideout.  The game drips theme and the board is historically accurate for the Whitechapel District of London in the days of Jack The Ripper.  It’s a tense and challenging game and it’s beautifully produced.

I included the above picture because one of the fun things that happen in our kitchen when the family plays board games is that the cats often like to watch and see what’s going on.  In this picture our youngest cat, “Tupac”, (yes named after the deceased Hip Hop artist because he’s a rescue-cat and has “street cred”), is sitting patiently in the corner of the table.  In this picture I like to imagine that he was giving “Jack The Ripper” tips on how to stay hidden.  In the foreground you can see that another cat was sitting in Melissa’s lap, also watching intently.  It’s an interesting photograph for board game lovers that also love cats.

This board game is on the “short list” of ones for which I intend to do a full game review.

4 thoughts on “When we play board games, the cats like to watch

    • From what I have read, a reprint is coming but no firm date has been announced. I was quite lucky to spot the copy I have sitting on a shelf at a local game shop. The shop owner had no idea the game was out of print and difficult to find. I was delighted.

      You can always monitor the Board Game Geek Marketplace for this game.

      Once upon a time I saw it on Amazon.com but the price was really sky high. If memory serves, I paid around $85 for my copy.

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