Reflection on this BLOG

When this site was created my intention was to provide an outlet to collect my board game reviews and share them in an interesting and pleasant format.  My enthusiasm for the board game hobby remains high.  I continue to share and evangelize about the amazing games available for individuals, friends and families to experience.  We are truly fortunate to be living in a time when it feels as though a board gaming renaissance is all around us.

This hobby became part of my life somewhere around 2004.  For people in the modern designer board game community, I’m a newcomer to the hobby.  While the demands for my time and game playing availability has dropped off considerably, enthusiasm remains strong.  In my early board gaming days I wrote a number of extensive reviews and contributed them freely to the finest board game enthusiasts community and web site  With this site I began to collect my reviews, permitting a bit more freedom in how they are presented.

The lack of any meaningful in-depth recent reviews is a reflection only of the demands for my time.  Personal enthusiasm for this hobby remains high.  My board game collection continues to grow as I add games that I find to be truly innovative and enjoyable to experience.  There is such a backlog of exciting games I want to review and share with friends and strangers curious about the hobby.  With limited availability because of family and career I find that selecting which games I will study and review next is a bit of a challenge.  Truly, having broad choices in board games to review is a great problem to have.

You may also have noticed that reviews or comments I post here about board games are hardly ever negative.  A little reflection explains that.  I’m only going to take the time to write about games I enjoy.  If a game does not interest me much I’m not going to take time to write about it.  My little board gaming hobby site is entirely self-selecting to be games I enjoy.  I’ve never intended for this web site to be a repository or reference of game reviews in general.  These are games I like.  A lot.  I use this vehicle to share about the games I think deserve special attention.

I’ve been experiencing a trend recently where I will get solicited by board game publishers, designers, and hopefuls, to review or mention their games.  It seems that every week someone contacts me asking if I would review or mention their new game.  The simple truth is that I don’t have time to do that much work.  Sure, I may end up reviewing new games either just published or seeking funding for publication.  But this is not why this site exists.  I just want to share about the games I love playing.  Every game I review I purchase with my own money, play with family and close friends and very much enjoy.  If I review a board game here it is because I really dig the game and want to share about it with like-minded hobbyists.

Probably every blogger out there faces the same challenge of keeping their content current and interesting for readers.  Even if you love the hobby, this takes time.  It seems that between career and family I’ve had less available free time to review or even play many newer games.  I have a “backlog” of game purchases that I really want to share about and review.  Thank you for visiting my little board game reviews site and thanks especially to those readers leaving comments.  Well, except for those who only leave comments hoping I will review their game.  I don’t want to disappoint new game designers.  You make this hobby better.  But I’m going to continue to be very selective about any games I choose to review and play.