Recent Board Gaming

I’ve been on vacation.  I did a little work on my Squeak Development Tutorial, but mostly just spending quality time with my wife.  There has been a lot of board game playing in the past month and especially in the past week.  Here’s a recap of the board games played most often recently.  These are listed in most played order from highest to lowest.


This is a very clever and family friendly board game from Michael Schacht.  It’s, not surprisingly, similar to his famous card game Coloretto.  This time it’s a board game and themed around operating a Zoo.  And it’s great fun.  It plays with 2 to 5 players in about 45 minutes.  Zooloretto won the 2007 Spiel des Jahres gaming award (German board game of the year).

Age of Empires – The Boardgame

I just published a review of this game.  It’s currently a favorite for Melissa and I.  It plays well with 2 and great with 3 or 4.  Maximum players supported is 5 and it runs around 2 to 3 hours, but the playing time feels like it’s over quickly.  It’s a wonderful strategy game.  For a lot more details about it just check out my review.

Twilight Imperium III

Still a favorite in our household.  I think this is our favorite game even though it takes a lot of time (usually) to play it.  For example, Melissa were out Friday night and came home around 11:30 PM.  She suggested she’d like to play TI-3 and so we played a 2-player variant.  It ended in about 90 minutes with her stomping me in final score.  And it was fun the whole time.  I’ve reviewed this one before and have even written an extensive tutorial for it.

World of Warcraft – The Boardgame

This is a recent new game in our household.  And it’s been getting a lot of table time.  The game runs very long – usually 5 hours for us.  It’s very involved.  The game is interesting in that the players compete against each other but work from 2 different factions.  All the players on the same faction work together.  The 2 factions oppose each other as they try to accomplish their own private Quests and eventually defeat the game Boss.  This game is fun if you like an adventure theme with lots of dice rolling.  It’s from Fantasy Flight Games and is of a very high production quality.  The game plays with 2 to 6 persons.

Starfarers of Catan

This is another long time favorite in our family.  I’ve written a review about it too.  We play a 2-person variant pretty often and even though we’ve had it for a few years now, it’s still popular.

Gloria Mundi

A relatively new strategy game for us.  This has become one of Melissa’s favorites.  It’s a board game comprised of some interesting game mechanics.  The theme is set in ancient Rome where the players are trying to flee Rome before the invading Goth army.  There’s a strong building and economic component to the game and requires players to pay close attention to what the the other players are doing to win.  Production quality is high and the game is beautiful to see.


Another old favorite in our family.  The board is beautiful and the theme is fun.  I’ve also written a review of this game in the past.


This is a new card game from Dr. Reiner Knizia.  Boy is this one fun.  It’s light and plays fast.  It’s never failed in getting repeat plays when we introduce it to friends.  This is one of those games that your friends go out and purchase after having played it.  It works with 2 to 6 players and is easy to learn and fast paced.


This is a high-end board game from Days of Wonder.  Colors and production values are typical for them and it plays like a medium to light strategy game.  The game is for 3 to 5 players and takes about an hour to play.


Another high quality board game from Rio Grande Games.  Each player must make selections between building up islands and settlements.  It takes about an hour and is for 2 to 4 players.

Around the World in 80 Days

This is board game from 2004 that we only recently started playing.  The theme is exactly from the Jules Verne story.  Players are explorers racing around the world.  It officially supports 3 to 6 players but I’ve also played a 2-person variant.  There’s a clever game mechanic in this one that handles the distance vs time traveled trade-offs as the players race across the globe.