Most Played Games

When I play Face-2-Face board games I keep a record of which games are played and on what days.  This helps me to know which games really are popular both over the short term and over a period of several years.  I’ve only started to log games played since June of 2005, so the history is not very deep.  However that was when I started to play the more modern games like Ticket To Ride.

So what do these stats show?  Here’s a list of most played games for me.

There are a few surprises in the list.  Lost Cities is a quick card game that my wife and I love to play, so that was not a surprise to see at the top of the list.  I play Chess fairly often with my son, although he never lets me play with a Queen.


Ticket To Ride is just a fun and popular game.  When just my wife and I play we can enjoy the game and complete it in around 20 minutes.  Ticket To Ride was also the first game that started this list so it’s been on the list the longest.  Carcassonne is a fine game and I’ve had it since I started to keep statistics, so it makes sense to be high on the list.


Starfarers of Catan is a family favorite and we’ve owned the game for almost as long as Carcassonne.  Power Grid is also a family favorite and was part of that initial collection of strategy games I purchased within a few months of discovering Ticket To Ride.


Hive is another quick 2-person game I play often with my son.  We usually take it with us if we are heading out for a dinner at a fast-food place.  Playing Hive while eating Taco Salad has become a favorite pastime.


Twilight Imperium 3 is a little bit of a surprise.  While I’ve owned the game since 2005, when it came out, I never played the game until March of 2006.  The rules were intimidating and I also knew it had a reputation of being a long game, so there’s was a belief that it would be difficult to find players.  Oddly enough this game became another family favorite and gets played pretty often nowadays.  29 game plays for a game that takes 3 to 4 hours is pretty amazing.  Our family sometimes plays this game every weekend.


Deflexion, now known as Khet, and Heroscape are both games I enjoy playing with my son.  So it’s no surprise to see these entries.


What about recently?  Here’s a breakdown of games played in the last 30 days.

Long-time favorites continue to get played.  There are some new entries in the list.

Tikal and Mexica are part of the “Mask” series of board games.  The series also includes “Java”, which I own but have yet to play.  That will be soon.  I really like Tikal.  it’s beautiful and thought provoking.  I find it plays well with 2 too.

El Grande is awesome and I hope to see more plays of this game soon.  I feel the same way about Around the World in 80 Days.