Heroscape Fun

I played a bunch of Heroscape games in recent days.  One of the designs was from a standard scenario.  The other was one we created using 3 standard kits and a number of expansions.

I just wanted to share some pictures from these games.

The first series is where we used a standard scenario using the new glacier, ice and snow pieces.

The second series was a more involved game.  We put a lot of effort into making an interesting board.  A rule we made for playing this board was that there could be no flying creatures.  Armies were drafted with a maximum of 365 points.

That last photograph and the one from the top of the article tell a big part of the story for how the game progressed.  I lost.  My son did a very effective job of stationing armies with range weapons near the edge of the river and just picked off my armies as they tried to scurry across the terrain.  The Boston Lineman, shown above, made easy work of my Orc squad.

The game was fun, even though I lost miserably.  I experimented with using range-attack-1 armies with fast running squads.  He went with a lot of long range army squads.  With the exception of one Unique Hero that I had, having a very long range bow weapon, it was fairly quickly turned into a losing game about half way through.