Photographs of Recent Gaming Sessions

It’s fun to see board games in action.  I’ve included snapshots of some of the recent games our family has been playing.

Here’s a 2-player Carcassonne game.  You can see we are using the Traders and Builders expansion, The River expansion and The Count of Carcassonne expansion (we call him Count Olaf).

Here’s a 2-player Power Grid game.

We’re using poker chips for money.  You can also see the custom resource replenishment cards I printed out as an aid.  There’s one just at the south west corner of the board.

Here’s a 2-player game of Starfarers of Catan.

This picture shows us using the painted figures for the alien races.

The picture also shows the rocket booster replacement ring attached to a mother ship.  If you look near the upper side of the board you can see the silver painted space ships.  Melissa painted those from an extra expansion set I purchased.

Here’s a recent favorite game I hope to Blog about soon:  Runebound.

A close-up shows better the glass gems we added.

I also added some custom player sheets, you can see the corner of one at the bottom of this picture.  I also purchased extra sets of movement dice, one for each player.  It makes the turns go a little smoother.  We got so into this game that each of us had to have a special colored set of battle dice.  You can see a pair of blue dice on the left side of this photograph.

Runebound is a very engaging game.  The game takes a few hours to finish (maybe 3), but as evidence how much we like playing, we started 3 games and ran out of time, over a period of a week, and yet kept coming back to play again.

Nicholas and I sometimes get into Heroscape.  Here are a few shots of different game layouts we’ve developed.

I purchased a couple of extra Master Sets back when Toys R Us had a 2-for-1 sale, just to get extra landscape tiles.  Half the fun of this game, for me, is creating the landscape we play on.

Playing Power Grid on-line at BSW

I much prefer playing board games in person with friends and family gathered around a table.  However, you sometimes want to play a game when opponents arenot easy to find or schedule.  The finest on-line board game playing site is BrettSpielWelt (BSW).  It’s a great place to meet and play from an extensive list of “Eurogames”.  And it’s all free.

Months ago I wrote and posted instructions for how to play Power Grid on BSW.  It occurred to me this weekend that I’d never made a BLOG entry about it.  You can find my on-line instructions here.  Mind you, these are not instructions on how to play the game, just how to play it on-line at BSW.

Have fun if you try it.  Beware, there are players on BSW that are very strong at this game and will quickly “put you in your place” if you do not have a good playing strategy.  There’s also a lot of friendly supportive players there as well.  BSW is a German games site and the dominant language spoken there is German.  But there are many people who speak English.  Being polite is a great way to make progress while learning.

I much prefer the stand-alone Java client over the web browser interface and recommend you download and install that tool when you play.

Have fun if you try it!