Favorite Board Game Podcasts

It seems that more and more I listen less and less to music while driving. And I can’t remember the last time I turned on the radio. I’ve always got either my iPod Shuffle or iPod playing something in one of the cars. Lately I’m listening to either movie soundtrack albums or Podcasts.

And Podcasts that interest me are either about board games or Lost . Oh, I listen to some tech Podcasts once in a while, but the board-gaming ones get the most “air time” while driving.

Recently one of my favorite board game Podcasts reached the 1-year mark.  Mark Johnson’s “Boardgames To Go ” is one of my long time faves. I’ve been listening to Mark since the beginning. Great content.

Another favorite is “The Dice Tower” . This podcast is also been going on for quite a while. I find Tom Vasel and Joe Steadman to be informative and entertaining. I’ve also been mentioned in the last 4 episode of “The Dice Tower” but not by trying. I accidently won one of their contests by discovering they had a Frappr map running and adding myself to their map. So imagine my surprise to be listening to a podcast about 2 weeks later when they announced the contest where you had to add yourself to their map and they they would randomly draw a winner – and then they drew my name as a winner. Made me laugh. And then I had some correspondence and even a voice mail with them about another topic. So I ended up getting mentioned in 4 recent episodes.

Board Game Babylon is also a favorite gaming Podcast for me. Sorry, I don’t have a capture of his site logo.

You can subscribe to these Podcasts in the usual ways. They’re also available as a free subscription from the iTunes Music Store